July 14th, 2005

flying rat

mata kimini aitai

somebody finally got a full version of 'Arigatou' by BON'z (the 2nd KKM endtheme), and i've listened to it on loop probably 25 times by now *adores* Not only do i love this song, but there's about 45 seconds of Japanese DJ over the end of the mp3 (before it begins to play 'jaded' by Aerosmith, of all things). After listening a few times, i realized it was two guys, one clearly explaining to the other what KKM was about in very animated tones, and it goes something like:

DJ 1: "We just played Arigatou by BON'z, blah blah Kyou Kara Maou!"
DJ 2: "blah blah Kyou Kara Maou?"
DJ 1: [in tones of deep derision] "Kyou Kara Maou's an ANIME! blah kyou kara maou blah BLAH blah BLAH BLAH blah!"
DJ 2: "Really?"
DJ 1: "BLAH BLAH! Kyou kara maou BLAH blah blah BLAH BLAH BLAAAAAH!"

and even though the only phrases i understand are 'it's an anime' and 'really?', i'm still enjoying the whole thing quite a bit.


In other news, Mulciber and i are going to the vet early tomorrow morning. He's got a wheeze that i don't really enjoy, and the sneezing is getting worse, so hopefully they can give him a little antibiotic or something.

He's in good spirits, so i'm not really worried, but my vet at home's advice for a sick rat is 'buy a new rat', so i'm not really looking forward to going to a place i've never been before.


in other other news, sociofemme has had some horrible news, so if you want to drop by and offer her a hug, i'm sure she will not turn it down. *floves from afar*
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flying rat

vet update

Mulciber has returned, oral antibiotic in tow. The vet said that his lungs sounded a little rough, but all things considered, he looks really good for a nearly two-year-old rat. of course he refused to make the scary wheezy noise for the vet, but i kind of expected that.

He was very good, considering i took him in without a cage and there were barking dogs and bright lights and vets with cold stethoscopes. he's a tad worn out from the experience though, and he's out cold on my bed.

we're going to save the first antibiotic administration attempt for later, i think, when he is relaxed and unsuspicious.
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