July 15th, 2005

ella fitzgerald

happy birthday! Fic, Alexander, Pretty Words All in a Row

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, musesfool!

What would I do without you? Who would beta my last-minute stuff? who would give me sooper sekrit peeks at yours WsIP? Who would listen to me blather on about fandoms in which you have no interest? Who would squeal over Hephaistion and his three-stringed cithera with me?!


In usual style, I am still working on your real present (in real life even!), so you get a placeholder present now. And the glory of musesfool is that the poor girl actually had to beta her own present *is shamed*

Title: Pretty Words All in a Row [Alexander/Hephaistion]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, for Alexander refusing to believe that philosophy could possibly be more important than him.
Summary: Hephaistion's birthday present is causing some consternation in Alexander's bedroom.
AN: We've been reading the Symposium in class, so it's been on my mind. Also, in greek there's an upsilon in symposium, so that's not a typo.

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