July 16th, 2005


let the all-nighter begin

radio silence has descended upon my flist. I find it comforting that although no one was with me in person (i miss you sociofemme!!!!), across the country thousands of fans are doing exactly what i am doing right now.

I feel the goosebumps of the collective. Get excited, fandom, because this will only ever happen one more time in our lifetimes.
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    the drunks in my common room failing to spoil me

the light on the other side

sociofemme and i spent most of the night calling each other to howl over selected HBP passages (clearly we must be in the same place next time), but i had to give up and take a nap around 5 am.

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But what i was really thinking was that this is probably the only HP book that the rat will get to read with me, so I let him chew the book just a little.
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    my own furry little problem snoring

some wallpapers

instead of writing like i wanted to, i made some pretty wallpapers:

Bokuwa Kokode Ikiteru (Here I will live)--Yuuri, Wolfram, and Conrad from the last batch of KKM scans.

teenage Hikaru tossing some Go stones--from the last opening theme. So sexy!

Kimiga Eru (you are here)--Sai and Hikaru from the end of the last opening theme.

I would've liked to use the actual Japanese text, but Photoshop said no to the cutting and pasting, so you get Romanji.
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