July 21st, 2005


and so Danielle strikes the copier with a foot.

can i just say that i have the BEST GREEK KIDS EVAR OMG?! This session is SO MUCH BETTER than the last one, we're already through four tenses and two declensions. it wasn't that the last batch was stupid, but the new kids are excited and cheerful and actually want to do Greek!

Imagine that, they came to do three weeks of intensive greek and actually want to do it.

It makes so much difference, because you clearly have to make your own fun here. I've been writing little greek stories for them about how Danielle strikes the copier because it won't copy the words of homer, and then has to supplicate the copier god (Phillips!).

tomorrow we are having a Council of the Gods, where we're putting Aphrodite on trial for the Trojan War.

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sociofemme is trying to talk me into writing a HnG/PoT crossover where Hikaru gets entangled with Ryoma (silent and intense! who else do we know like that?) and Touya has a breakdown. That wasn't what i meant when i said i wanted to write more HnG on top of the hot tennis boys, but Ellen reports that i said it and now must follow through.
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Fic, Hikaru no Go, A Better Person

Title: A Better Person [Shindou/Touya]
rating/warnings: PG-13 for Go stones in unpleasant places
Summary: Touya doesn't miss much, but that doesn't mean he understands Isumi's point of view.
AN: I rewatched the last few episodes, and OH I LOVE THESE BOYS. Clearly there is room in either of their lives for nothing but Go and screaming at each other.

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