August 14th, 2005


your sushi is not so much BURNING

I had the best Philadelphia roll and Eel Avocado roll ever tonight, finished off with red bean ice cream. and there is more for breakfast! Ah, VT, how you try and redeem yourself with the goodness of your raw, pink fish (that is not a euphemism, ellen. no clams have been cranked in the making of this entry).

the brother's afghan may actually be done by tomorrow, when in theory the mother will be flying home with it. Ph34r my cr0ch3t pr0w355!

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did anybody else ever play the Pokemon Stadium Lickitung sushi-eating contest mini-game? because i really cannot eat sushi without thinking "WOOOO PAY US OFF!" when the bill arrives.
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get a load of Oresama's fabulous moves

i was totally set for Atobe to be my new asshole boyfriend, until he was mean to Tezuka! Boo, that's Fuji's job!

I placated myself with the fact that the following exchange is completely canonical:

Kawamura: "Ryoma and Momo are on a DATE?!"

Eiji: "INUI! What did you tell him?!"

Inui: "The truth."
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