August 19th, 2005


i am a pissy mess.

you know what the problem with trying to weigh not what i weigh is?

nothing is good for you. NOTHING.

Pretzels? bad. avocado? bad. juice? bad.

all i want is a green tea frappachino to make me feel better, and calorically, it does not fit into my day, nevermind the fact that i had only a banana for breakfast and some leftover pasta for lunch (neither are good for you really), it doesn't matter!

i am far too grumpy after the end of my touchy-feely week-long 'break up into groups and talk about your feelings' adolescent psychology class to deal with this very rationally.

dear body: you are crap. i demand that you cease either to be fat or to have throbbing sinuses right this instant.
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