August 21st, 2005


Nuts to You

There was just a squirrel in my apartment.

I heard a little skitter by the door, but didn't look up, because i was busy watching Roddick serve the fuck out of Federer (and you know, if i was being serviced at 145 mph, i'd have a lot of love too), and then when i did look, there was a huge, Franklin & Marshall sized grey squirrel chilling out on the little rug by the door.

After they flashed the current standings on the screen, he scampered back outside. I wonder who he's rooting for?
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just some bobbies copping a feel

I just discovered Banksey's graffiti, he's this guy who stencils graffiti on various buildings in the UK, and once in a while sneaks his own exibits into museums and things. A lot of them involve rats, and many are amusing. Check out an unofficial gallery of his stuff here, or his website. The dumpster angel is weirdly beautiful.

But then somehow i ended up on, many of which made me laugh out loud, including this one and this one, and sociofemme, i pulled this one just for you.
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