September 3rd, 2005


Fic, Loveless, Zero Tolerance

Again, NOT MY FAULT. *hangs head in shame*

Title: Zero Tolerance [Kio/Natsuo/Youji]
Rating/Warnings: R, ohgod, where to start. Shota, blowjobs, shota, threesome, shota, slightly non-con, shota, underage drinking, and OH YES SHOTA. SO MUCH WITH THE SHOTA.
Summary: Zero distracts Kio from the fact that Soubi is off servicing a grade schooler with Ritsuka.
AN: You can blame darkeyedwolf who MADE ME DO IT. Also, i apparently have some inner struggle with the fact that Natsuo is a boy. I better never write Natsuo/Tohma, or i'll go stark raving made from the pronouns alone.

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