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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
I didn't mention this when it happened, but last week I backed into a car while picking up the girl I carpooled with.

Me: ".......I just fucked that person's car."
Carpool girl: "It's mine."

It didn't look like the worst damage ever, i didn't even break the mirror, and my insurance is already ridiculously high, so I just said I'd pay for it. I mean, it was flagrantly my fault.

She finally got it looked at: i did like $1100 worth of damage to it. I was thinking, 300-400 I could do, 500-700 would hurt but be managable, but there's absolutely no way I can come with $1100 at this moment. I just paid UVM $604 in 'activities fees' (don't even get me started) and then told a professor that I refused to buy the $150 book because i wanted to eat this semester.

I think what this really means is that I'm going to have to do the loans that I was suspecting would happen in the spring, right now instead.

Option B is to take the money i possess right now, purchase a machete (or put it on layaway), and begin hacking at the library steps.

but not right now, because now i have to go work at the library. Yes please pay me $7 an hour so I linger ceaselessly on the edge of being broke and must be miserable about it constantly.
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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
06 September 2005 @ 11:33 pm
Title: Masterpiece [Soubi/Ritsuka]
Rating/Warnings: PG for paint of the not-edible variety (sorry guys, I'm getting there, I swear)
Summary: It's the imperfections that give a masterpiece its charms.
AN: why can't I STOP?! So, there's some art involved here, but bear in mind that I can't draw kind of at all. Also, anybody who gets the Wakato joke gets a million points.

Masterpiece [Soubi/Ritsuka, PG]Collapse )
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