September 19th, 2005

best tragedy EVAH

it says translate RIGHT THERE you freak

Dear crazed self-paced Latin student--

You are driving me batshit insane. Your desire to complete four chapters of Wheelock a week is commendable, but impractical. Perhaps you would be better served instead of doing speed latin, by actually reading the directions on the quizzes and then following them, thus allowing you to pass and not forcing me to make all sorts of variant versions for you.

Also, I am bemused by your complete inability to translate sentences on every single quiz and test, because I have EXPLICITLY and REPEATEDLY informed you that every. single. sentence. comes directly from your textbook. perhaps you like it better when they are surprises; SURPRISE you have no idea what they say!

In closing, your request to take a smaller version of the test which you did not pass 'because you only made silly mistakes' on most of it amuses me, and I will likely indulge you because A) i do not want to rewrite an entire test, and B) fewer points means you actually will have LESS points to blow doing stupid things.

exhaustedly, your instructor

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