October 9th, 2005


I bet I could talk the prof into watching it, too

I have to do this assignment, wherein i produce a paper/song/poem/etc about my response to a movie/book/song/media which deals with a group that is marginalized by society. I was seriously disgruntled about it when i found out the project existed like a week ago.

But then, I had an epiphany last night. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. There's tons of marginalized groups in that anime! The Ishbalans, the military, the Lior City rebels, the Homunculi, the Chimeras, the people who've committed the taboo, people with automail, alchemists in general...

AND, if songs and poems (blargh) are allowed, surely short stories must be too!

In short: I am completely writing fanfiction for my project. HAHAHAHAHA, I OWN YOU ED DEPT.

Now all I need is a bunny. Any suggestions? *eyes laylah and ponderosa121 warily*
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