December 1st, 2005


One up, One down

Up: New Christmas icon! Shishido and Ootori are so cute. and I want to write fic where Ootori asks Shishido to go to mass with him for Christmas, and Gakuto thinks they do animal sacrifices, and Atobe takes pity on Shishido and points out that, no, you can't use that as your present your first christmas together, you ass. And Jiroh sleeps.

Down: Comprehensive exam redux this afternoon. OMG FEAR. I 'failed' last time when I was taking Latin classes all semester, and I see little reason to hope that 9 months of teaching people Latin I is going to improve my Latin poetry.

And I only get two tries. Do I get points for crying?
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a sine curve of inscrutibility

you know what pushes my buttons? In the bad way, I mean. When there's fic that's all trendy and emo, and just a huge winding string of adjectives and metaphors that go nowhere, and then at the bottom, there's twenty comments saying "It's BEAUTIFUL. It means SO MUCH. I WEPT. Write more FOREVAR."

so then, while describing this to darkeyedwolf, i wrote the best craptastic paragraph ever:

"the smoke from his cigarette wafted silently, twisting like their lives, making hazy the inscrutible sine curve of his half-smile, a dagger through his heart with its bent edges like a paperclip, the silver of his hair in the moonlight like smoke."

Write your own inscrutible paragraph in my comments. Let loose your inner purple prose!

just please, for the love of christ, don't tell people how deep theirs is. gwar.
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