December 6th, 2005


Why don't you go pair share with yourself.

I just realized that I hadn't posted here in a few days, even though i've been posting over on lemon_advent all the freaking time, so I feel like i've been here, only i haven't.

*sigh* is this week over yet?

Things stand suchly: I have three out of four classes completely finished. The last class, however, involves finishing an entire unit of study by Friday at 2, which, ahahahahaha.

I have officially passed my comprehensive exam! *DIES OF RELIEF* Although the oldest, scariest professor made me stand right next to him while he went over it, and it made me weep.

I completely have a sinus infection, only I hate going to random doctors, and thus I will suck it up until I go home.

In closing: I'm not dead yet! back to writing lesson plans. grr.
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