December 15th, 2005


why don't you go pair-share with yourself?

Things I have learned about myself educationally this semester--

1. I have to have something sensory going on to keep me happy. I can eat, or listen to music, or knit, or whatever, so long as some physical sense is engaged in something that is not my classes, the fists of rage can be contained.

I wish I'd discovered this last year, because then I might have been awake for one or two Roman History classes.

2. I can't use the word 'frontloading', because it sounds like something you do to pretty girls in badly-lit clubs. "Whoa, look at that bitch! I'll be frontloadin' you all night long, baby!"

3. Reflecting on self-evaluations, which are essentially reflections, is not a lot of fun. But I've gotten used to repeating myself over and over in this program anyway, so it's not hard either, really.

4. The reason everyone else looks so pleasant is because they have no idea what's going on. The fact that I am so irritated all the time really means that I am more on top of this stuff than them, not less.

5. Not a single person in either department knows what I need to do to graduate, nor even what degree I'm getting. If i don't ask any stupid questions, I think they may just let me graduate out of confusion.
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