January 2nd, 2006


back in the frozen north

I have returned to the tundra, christmas loot in tow. Like usual, i am suffering from some ridiculous PA disease which made the drive back a good time, but i didn't run anybody off the road or anything like that. I think.

And I have chocolate covered animal crackers. Mmmhmm.

sociofemme and I have discussed the impending domain name change, and I've decided that just being theratbox.com is probably best. There's no good multi-fannish option, and a lot of the other choices were cute but long, or spelled weirdly, things like that. Pending the approval of my webhost, there will be website upheaval sometime in the next couple weeks.

you know what will be the big problem? SYWTTYARB. Rock Band is linked in like a billion places and is consistently the most-loaded page on my site, and I feel kind of bad about that, but what can you do.

so consider this your warning: The Rat Box will be moving to theratbox.com shortly.
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a tense situation

NO, you stupid HnG fic that is taking over my life, you CANNOT suddenly be in present tense!

There are 3 past tense pages! I don't care that the passage from the other fic which you are echoing, which by the way OMG SO IRRITATING, is in present tense!

why do you ALWAYS do this you stupid, stupid fandom?! You're making all my perfectly good pluperfect verbs all futzy! Grrr!
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and the spam continues.

I love it when icons textlessly and in a single frame tell an entire story so perfectly. *snickers at Oishi's expense*
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cock dementor

Techno Twattery Sidegrade Hoo-Hah.

I am not sure, but I think sociofemme, marksykins, unwillingly musesfool, and I are having some sort of orgy with google.

Certainly i need a cigarette.

musesfool:i feel you and marks are the sirius and james of this little enterprise and ellen and i are just pulled along in your wake
mousapelli: sociofemme is claiming the peter, and that never leads to good things.
musesfool: I guess i'm Remus.
mousapelli: I think 'clearly' is the word i'm looking for.
marksykins: Now I can makes jokes about being horny!
mousapelli: I don't mind being the dog, I'd lick my balls if i could.
marksykins: my only james and sirius icon portrays them making out. and sirius is naked!
mousapelli: YES. ALL IS WELL.
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