January 11th, 2006



So now that stuff is all moved over to The Rat Box, I can actually start updating the site again. But this means posting Christmas in Hyoutei, which is in parts, and I hate trying to figure out what the best way to post chaptered things is on the site, esp when the parts are smallish.

Sometimes I just link my LJ, but I don't love that, cause if LJ crashes ever, I won't have a backup on my website. I've also linked ff.net for things that have lots of parts, like the KKM 20 themes, but i don't love that either, cause ff.net.

what do you people do?

Poll #650102 Multi-Part Fics

When I put multi-part fics in their finished form on my website, I

Put then all into one page, with part breaks marked in bold
make each part their own page
link an archive that's built to house chaptered things (ff.net for example)
link to where it already is on my LJ
just don't write multi-parts, makes everyone's life easier

I do something even WEIRDER.

also, if you haven't had your dose of PoTWTF this morning, you can see me writing to prillalar that if anybody's tennis can impregnate somebody, it's Fuji's.
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pretty cunning

Fic, Firefly, Stowaway

Title:Stowaway [Gen]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for the Mandarin, I suppose, or perhaps just for Jayne.
Summary: River brings aboard a friend, and Mal insists that he is in charge of the situation.
AN: This is so utterly musesfool's fault, and also Neon Genesis Evangelion's, which was on when we started talking about this. It never fails that my first fic in a fandom is like utterly on drugs, and I get the main character's name totally wrong.

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