January 15th, 2006

mangaka at work

a few random notes

I am perpetually unsatisfied with food this week. I am always hungry, but can't think of anything i really want to eat. I don't even think it is hunger at this point, I think my body is just pissed that I can't satisfy its vague but overpowering craving.

I think i'm going to go see Tristan and Isolde this afternoon. I didn't even know it existed until 10 minutes ago, which is usually the making of my favorite movies (Ocean's 11? PotC?).

The website is totally updated. Except for the stuff i wrote yesterday to procrastinate from updating the site. sigh. Please to be Noting: All your links to Sprunkers.com will be dying out in the next probably two weeks. If you have things bookmarked or archived, you just have to change 'sprunkers' to 'theratbox'; the rest of the link should stay the same.

Also, with the 11 things i just added, I think i'm just shy of 250 stories, if you count the 24-hour ficathon as one thing, and the KKM 20 themes, stuff like that. I'm unsure exactly, but I think i was more prolific this year than last, accounting for a little more than half of the fic. Other fic has finally surpassed the amount of HP alone. KKM and HnG may need their own pages soon, but I'm not sure when exactly I should make the switch.

I'm going to finish up the last few icons next.
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