January 19th, 2006


2005 in review

2005 fics in Review (gacked from icarusancalion

Number of stories I wrote this year.
It's hard to tell, because of things like 20 Themes, the Advent thing, and the Sekrit Projekt, but more than 80. If You Want Something Done [Good Omens] was the first fic of the year, and Christmas in Hyoutei [PoT] was the last.

My favorite story (of my own)
12 Million Japanese Women Can't Be Wrong [Gravitation]. I've re-read this story a hundred times by now, and I laugh every freaking time and vow to write more Gravitation.

My best story this year.
This is an impossible call. As a group, the Pandabearia Arc [KKM] received the most attention. Perfect Game [HnG] got illustrated and was a glorious blend of funny and hot. Just So Long and Long Enough [Loveless] rings most true with me, and drew a twist of sweet/hot/funny/heartbreaking that I didn't know I had in me.

Most tragically underappreciated
Accidental Alchemy [PoT]. This story had like 3 comments. The Golden Pair are HANDCUFFED together! and Momo and Kaidoh are ickle freshmen! What more do you people want from me?!

Most fun
Taming Bakura [Yu-Gi-Oh!]. I like sending things to the Shadow Realm and discussing 'the body' like a shared possession. And after writing this, I HAD to have some butterscotch pudding.

Single Sexiest Moment
"Touya moves to the upper right, lingering on an early move, and Shindou does not regret for a second his suggestion that they make his nipples star points." That's the moment in Perfect Game [HnG] when you realize they've played the whole game with a sharpie on Shindou's skin. red_rahl is a goddess for illustrating it.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story
I can't think of one. And Then the Dark Lord Went BLAM [HP] might have been the sign that I was out of HP fandom almost entirely.

Holy Crap That's Wrong Even for You
Slow Like Honey [Loveless]. I still can't believe I wrote that. The fact that most of the WRONG is canonic doesn't make me feel any less dirty. This story was the final straw in deciding I need to change my domain name to make absolutely sure RL people couldn't stumble upon me.

Story That shifted my perceptions of the characters
20 Random Facts about Murata Ken, Great Sage [KKM]. Halfway through, I realized that Murata is hilarious and creepy fun, but also that he's really a sad and lonely character, making his friendship with Yuuri all the more brilliant and heartbreaking.

Hardest to write
Till All My Skin Was Gone [HP], the remix I did for copperbadge this year. It was so worth it in the end, but the scattered and nonlinear nature of the story made it holy hell to edit.

Worst Story
Probably Exile [FMA], the fic i turned in for a class. It's just bland, and it's confusing because none of the characters have names. It's just a long ramble about how Scar breaks my heart.

Easiest to write
Shimmer [Velvet Goldmine] just came spilling out of me and barely got edited at all, but I've been told it's some of my best writing and I believe that as well. Lightning in a bottle, sometimes.

Story I'd Like to Revise
There's nothing pressing this year, but something is still kind of wrong with Eye of the Storm [Death Note] that I would fix if I knew how.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2005?
It surprises me that Ocean's 11 fic comes out as well as it does for me, and also, I'm really surprised I wrote Firefly in the end.

I can't believe some of the stuff I wrote for Loveless. I had really hoped to never write Shota ever, but...canon. what can you do?

I'm going to hell. I'm a whore for attention. My fangirls are hilarious. I am totally okay with the following I have on LJ rather than fretting about publishability. Writing sex is hard and a little boring, writing action is hard but usually turns out well when i try hard. I have a gift for last lines, and random details tend to take on a life of their own. Anime is good for you.

Goals for next year
I swear to god I will catch up to musesfool with the number of fandoms I've written in. I ALMOST HAD YOU, and then you freaked out for Yuletide. Hmph.
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flying rat

The end of the furry roommate

Mulciber's gone. I had to go to Kmart to buy a trowel and a flashlight, and the cashier said if I had bought a six-pack as well, she wouldn't have sold them to me. There was a spot near where I park my truck that had softened up enough from water pouring off the roof yesterday that I could bury him.

I've told a lot of pets that it was okay for them to go, but I never had one before that knew I was lying, and then actually refused to go. Fast as rats' metabolisms are, there's no way he should have lasted four full days without eating anything, but he geniunely wanted to stay. He could barely drag himself around by the time i had to go to class this afternoon, but he was still trying to crawl into my lap. So I told him he had to wait until I got back from class in three hours. 20 minutes after I got home, curled up on me in front of the blaring anime, he finally went.

Things that only live 2 years shouldn't be as sentient as Mulciber was. Mulciber knew what day of the week it was, what the capslock key did, and that ring baloney is something worth drawing blood over. He knew that he was a rat, and that I wasn't. Deep in his little furry soul, he knew that rats do not belong in cages, not even on laundry day.

And he had seen every single episode of Prince of Tennis. God I miss that furry little bastard already.
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