March 18th, 2006

virgin surgeon

so much bouncing

Thing 1) I want my cddddddds *writhes more* come on you goddamn registered air mail that I have to be here to sign for! (konzatsu, if you get yours and I don't get mine I will be forced to pine in grand style, and I am living in the Ben and Jerry's capital of the world, so I know how to do it).

Thing 2) Prince of Tennis Movie website is up. Can I just say that the only that kills me more than real life Tezuka is real life Atobe? I think this movie is going to render me totally unfunctional from awesome. KATSUNO WA HYOUTEI! MAKERUNO SEIGAKU!

I've watch the trailer like ten times. It's about 20 seconds. Ryoma! Kaidoh's face!! ATOBE!!!!! ♥♥♥ Real life tennis! Seriously, if there is a hakugei, I mean it, I may have to be hospitalized.

Also, I wonder why Hyoutei is totally the favorite rival school? They lose so early on, but then they keep coming back! Weird, don't you think? Especially when they're for sure going to play Rikkadi Dai in the finals. Hmm. But no complaining! because it means we get to see Ohtori shamed by Shishido's inability to sit without giving the entire northern hemisphere a free show.

Thing 3) copperbadge's poetry last night made me think about the (really awful) poetry I wrote for that class two years ago. I went and hunted it up on the hard drive. I'm thinking about putting it up on the site. hmm.

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