April 9th, 2006

kill myself with anime


Gakuen Heaven has BROKEN ME.

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that's the commercial break. This is after a motorbike and somebody named King and somebody named QUEEN and the lead kid's name is KEITA and the voices are conrad and shori and tezuka and hikaru and yayoi and KIO IS THE TWINS DYING RIGHT NOW.

And did i mention DATA HACKING COMPETITION. "I left him a present ^_^"

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oh noes desu

OW waaaah

apparently i was completely not lying when i said that Gakuen Heaven broke me, because I am so freaking sick. I spent all night waking up in cold sweats or freezing. And now everything hurts, and I am working in the library.

Teh woez. You should all write me sickie comment fic.

Excedrin makes everything better for a few hours, sort of. *struggles to do homework i was putting off the whole time i was student teaching*

You all know I joined like three fandoms yesterday, right? Whistle!, Off*Beat, and Gakuen Heaven are little rays of sunshine in my achey, sweaty world.