April 15th, 2006


Dear vacation:

please to start being fun any time now. Thanks.

Judicious application of Mike's hard berry/cranberry lemonade/lemonade actually made me feel worse. If i turn out to be a sad drunk after all of this, someone is going to die.

Four themes down, 20 (!) to go. I'm off to the barnes and nobles for the second time today to try and bang some more stuff out before I fly home tomorrow, and also because green tea frappachinos are back.

BLACKBERRY green tea frappachinoes. *dies of the good*
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Truth in Advertising

I was scrutinizing my resume for the glaring typo that is always there but I can never find until it is way too late. This time i totally found it.

"Crotcheting." Yes, that's right. Crotch, right there in the midst of the hobbies. CROTCH.

Bad brain! stop telling the truth!

"classses" and "colloboration" were also big winners.
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