April 17th, 2006

mangaka at work

Symphony in 24 Parts

T-minus 3 days until i start posting the themes you all picked! So i though I would let you all in on the fun.

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1. Write/draw/whatever something for one or a few of the themes. Do anything you like! Drabbles, one sentence fics, stick art doodles, just come celebrate with me! Some of these prompts are totally love and I want to share the wealth. Any fandom welcome.
2. Post a link to your work in the comments of the offical start post on Wednesday, April 19 (my birthday!) so we can all see.

This is not at all a shameless plug for attention/presents. Noooo.

As an additional note, I am at my parents' on the dial-up until Thursday, so I won't be around too much. *clings* But you can fill the void my absence leaves in your life with theme writing/drawing!
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