April 24th, 2006


we're like vaudeville

a conversation gone ridiculously awry:

mousapelli: I have to see Yukimura animated or i'm going to beat somebody down.
marksykins: who?
Mo: There better be a full rikkai run
Mo: Lol, Yukimura!
Mo: Did you just WHO Yukimura? your form is terrible.
Ma: NO, who are you going to beat down?


Ma: i am just cracking up laughing

and then ten seconds later, we both im each other to see the following things:

Collapse )

OMG FREAKS. we are so internet boyfriends
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virgin surgeon

My icon is a bonus V

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

I got V from storyteller.

1. V: as in, the V, the one you flash at your students in the hallway, if you are me and watch too much shounen anime, but nobody seems puzzled by this anyway. ^_^V

2. Voice Actors: or seiyuu, who are totally adorable and pose as their Gakuen Heaven counterparts for photographs, and also Yuuri's VA kills me just totally dead with cute.

3. Vermont: where i am almost through living, which will be great because then it won't take me 10 hours to get to NYC or NJ anymore, and then I can have shounen breakfast much more often.

4. Viagra: spam for which i get approximately 12982384 times a day thanks to UVM selling my email address. thanks a lot, jerks. too bad the revenue from that isn't funding decent wireless in the library.

5. Vicodin: the drug which makes House fall madly in love with Wilson. well, something does anyhow.

6. Various Languages: what I listen to pop in. My brother gave me some Italian pop for my birthday and guess what? it sounds totally the same. Montreal pop is cool too.

7. Viciously adorable: a phrase i used to describe Kirihara early this evening, with his fuzzy little head and psychosis. rikkai is so much love.

8. vaudeville: What marksykins and I were like yesterday, or maybe everyday, also, our brains have apparently merged into one squishy organism of fannish glee. Taka's OTP hurts me too, sweetie.

9. voice messages: which i listen to on the PoT character singles at least once, even though I understand about 2%. Oshitari's indignance over being #3 in the valentine's day chocolate ratings will never stop being hilarious. and also oishi going "Gol~den Pai~r!"

10. Venture Bros!: "That was a perfect opportunity to push the hoagi!" whole season, marks. Until we die.
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