April 30th, 2006

Aim for the Sky!!

Spring Cleaning

It's amazing the things I will do rather than do work while at the library. I just cleaned out my 'random crap' folder, which has grown to epic proportions.

Now if only I were going to do something to my 'pictures in stasis' folder. Ahahahaha.

Okay, back to writing the Kobayashi/Kazuhiro. It would be nice to finish it before the yarn for the knitting project of doom arrives. I should also pimp out the birthday themes stuff on the relevant comms, but it's such a massive undertaking, it makes me cringe.

"Wow, you sure took it!" Kazuhiro whistles, leaning into close to inspect Kobayashi's face, and Kobayashi flushes an angry red when Tachiki and Kichida burst into peals of laughter further down on the bench.

I need more AftS! icons. *makes puppy eyes* Also, there should be some sexy pairing name for Kobayashi/Kazuhiro. Something like the Strategic Pair, only not as sucky as that.
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Fic, AftS!, Yanking Your Chain

Title: Yanking Your Chain [Kazuhiro/Kobayashi]
Rating/Warnings: R for grade school violence
Summary: Kobayashi is probably going to have an apoplexy by the time he's 16, if Kazuhiro has anything to do with it.
AN: Thanks to marksykins for the beta and to shiva_dawn for the very sexy art from which my new icon originates. (Dramatiku Pair?)

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