May 3rd, 2006



The new Apple ads are totally hysterical, especially the networking one, and I think I have a crush on the guy who plays the mac. the "Reboot" one is also quality.

I'm still totally wiped out, even though i had most of yesterday off. I knitted for too long though, and now my shoulder is killing me. Tezuka PUUUUUUUURL.

"Buchou made me this for making regulars."
"Nice bear, Tezuka."
"It's a kitty."
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Two Requests

1. Anyone know of a good French-language pop or rock band? I want to burn a cd as a present for the french intern since she always teases me about my j-pop, but I don't know anything about French pop. dipping_sauce? Any suggestions?

2. Anybody have Death Note chapters 80 or 81? Those are the only two I can't track down. I want to catch up since there's only one more chapter until the end, evidentally.
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