May 7th, 2006



The Rat Box updated (lalskdjfaslkdjflkfuckingthemes) after five hours of draggy-footed coding. Two fandoms for sure are outgrowing the multi-fandom page, but I really don't want to go to split pages. there must be some way I can do this that is attractive and doesn't involve me updating like 25 pages.

Can I make it do that +/- folder thing? that might be okay.

Also, check out Aim for the Sky! to see the awesome profiles prillalar wrote for us. Tachiki Yuu = sexiest name EVAR. Also, Asakawa's profile is a flagrant attempt to get me to write more bukkake Asakawa. Anything, anytime? pfft, mmhmm. Buncha new fics linked too, and a fanart! woo!

I love our fandom *is asquee*
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Fic, AftS!, Euphonic Change

Title: Euphonic Change [Sato/Asakawa]
Rating/Warnings: Uh, wow. SEIGAKU? PG-13 for the drippy uke.
Summary: Asakawa likes Kenji.
AN: I harrassed prillalar until she gave the boys names, and then i abused them mercilessly. ahahahaha. "Euphonic Change", if you want to know, is when you say words too much in a language and they change over time to be easier to say.

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