May 10th, 2006


mataku, anata-tachi

Woke up at 5:30, couldn't sleep any more. I'm already on the second episode of Gravitation. Sakano-san might be the only person more suicidal than me right now. No subtitles; it'll kill me faster this way.

My appointment to fix my portfolio isn't until 1:30. I'm sure the next six hours will be totally healthy from a psychological standpoint.

prillalar wrote me A Winner Never Quits, in which Asakawa is drippy and Masaki can't win. *CLINGS* (shiva_dawn, is there any way we can talk you into drawing Sato/Asakawa so we can have OTP icons? *is pathetic and fangirly*)
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Crisis Averted

I have fixed the situation, via a ridiculously long meeting. I am still graduating. I think I am in fact done.

I also watched every single w-inds. video (most of them twice) last night and the entire run of Gravitation this morning (unsubbed, but i've seen it so many times it doesn't matter).

Now i am going to Borders and drinking more green tea frappachino than any reasonable person should ever, ever drink.