May 12th, 2006

Aim for the Sky!!

Fic, AftS, One Lump or Two

Well if Marks can do it, so can I.

Misaki has two sisters, Ayaka is in 1st grade, and Shuuko is like 4. There is also a kitty.

Tachiki likes yanking on Misaki's pigtails.

Title: One Lump or Two [Tachiki/Misaki]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Tachiki in fingerless gloves.
Summary: Being a good older brother means Tea Party and ultimate shame.
AN: I sent this to marksykins and accidentally set off a shounen porn email competition. hahahahaha oops.

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not again

fic, AftS, Your Forms are Terrible

Title: Your Forms Are Terrible [Tsukada/Kichida/Kichida]
Rating/Warnings: R for desk twincest
Summary: Someday Tsukada will get his paperwork done.
AN: And I think this means that I won. And still no twin icon! goddamn I fail.

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sato/asakawa otp

AftS community!

I am just exploding with AftS glee.

Go join crosse_purposes, our Aim for the Sky! comm! Now that there's more than three of us, we thought it might be time. There's already fic and icons there! You know you want the sexy, sexy icons.

Actually, what you really want there is allira_dream's ficlets, which waver between adorable like an ickle freshman and hot like the burning fire.

Oh, and if you haven't seen shiva_dawn's illustration of Hal's fic Pants, it's so cute I want to die.

People are in our FANDOM. It makes me all wibbly! You know, i didn't really think keeping the website updated would be that big a deal until like today...
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