May 14th, 2006

sato/asakawa otp

fic, AftS one-sentence fics

Why can't I stop writing these people? Hal, this is all your fault.

I picked up the third set of prompts from 1fandom's list, but didn't formally sign up because I figured they wouldn't count us as a fandom. I doubt they'll mind the publicity though.

Title: 50 One-Sentence Fics [Team]
Rating/Warnings: G-PG-13? It's pretty hard to do something real graphic in one sentence, even when you abuse semi-colons like me.
Summary: 50 sentences about Seigaku's lacrosse team.
AN Using theme set 3 from 1fandom.

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omg discovery channel

I'm watching the most irritating announcer on the planet do a special on the holy grail on the Discovery Channel. He's very loud and very British and is like "I WILL FIND THE HOLY GRAIL."

His plan to accomplish this is to walk into a bunch of British places and ask "DO YOU HAVE THE GRAIL HERE?"

Surprisingly, a lot of places say yes, but then the man holds up whatever object and peers at it skeptically and says "IT'S NOT MAKING ME TINGLY."

No, really, this is seriously what's happening. "TINGLY."

I'll just back to writing porn then? Right.
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