May 15th, 2006


Wish I Had a Socket Set To Dismantle This Morning

My Favorite Chords is so the best Bruno and Boots song ever. I want to write fic where Bruno and Boots really do go down to a construction site and tape signs to machinery that say things like "we hope they treat you well."

It was definitely one of those mornings, where I woke up and the rats had pulled my blanket into their cage and eaten half of it, and then my tights had weird futz all over them from the washing machine, and then my carpool girl had to drive separate.

I'm also trying to make a mix cd for a girl who is giving me one, and I'm terrible at it, but i've been fooling her all year into thinking I have really cool music sense and it's all a big lie and it'll all come out now.

I will just keep my head down and update the websites. If Hal can memory all those things, I can surely link a couple fics and things. You know what we should have called the comm? Crosse_Posted. Oh well, ours is pretty funny too.
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