May 16th, 2006


stop fixing things, lj

This new LJ update window? is fucking awful. It won't let me post pictures behind a cut tag. Is there a turn it off option?

ETA: It was set to RTF. Fixed it. there's an editor settings page that I had to dig through the Known Issues page to find (you'd think this'd be in journal settings, but no). So, back to normal. Except for this entry, which refuses to not be in RTF. And since i NEVER used RTF, i fail to see what tripped this business. Jesus Christ.
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Not Even LJ will prevent me from showing w-inds.

fucking LJ. It's not going to stop me from posting the hot. While I was wallowing in despair last week, I watched every single w-inds. video at least twice, many of them much more. So I started screencapping a little, and then I got to Ryuichi's long hair and just couldn't stop.   Summary: W-inds. is so flipping hot, it's illegal.

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 today has been feeding my hoodie fetish just a little too much.

Also: OH MY GOD i hate this new update window. Dear jesus let me turn it off.
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