May 26th, 2006



Almost done knitting this fucking present. I WANT TO WRITE OMFG.

Things I would enjoy writing instead of finishing this:

1. Anything AftS, and also the site needs updated again, and it would be great if the Harada Does Canada thing was actually going someplace. More 50 sentences! Or possibly I should work out exactly what I want to happen in the summer team training camp ghost story fic (other than Never Have I Ever making Sato cry).

2. Jasper baby-sitting Pearl, if only for the Look Lapis will give him on the way out.

3. Finish the Third Year Fudomine match fic that was supposed to be Kaidoh/Ryoma for storyteller but just totally isn't. I mean seriously, it couldn't be less Kaidoh/Ryoma if neither of them were actually in it.

4. w-inds. for konzatsu wherein they discuss the fact that they apparently only have two available sets to reuse for videos and Ryuichi is totally irresponsible with the splashing in revenge for the Paradox shoot.

5. Stan/Kyle. I keep hoping the urge will disappear, but everytime I watch another South Park IT RETURNS. I want to kill myself.

Additionally, if you haven't seen the Robot Chicken where Cloud works at the Burger place, you fail. POTATO DEFEATED.
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