June 3rd, 2006


fic, Kingdom Hearts, Even

i went to Gamestop and told them "I need to play Kingdom Hearts. Fix it." And THEY DID.

A minute and a half in, I WAS SOLD. Big-haired boys flailing at each other while UTADA HIKARU blares in the background! I was almost as much asquee about the music as anything else. God bless you, cultural fusion!

I played for four hours, and then paused to write random fic. TRUE LOVE.

Title: Even [Riku/Sora]
Rating/Warnings: PG? Okay, guys, even i'm not THAT hardcore. That part comes later, when Riku evidentally gets a lot of spandex.
Summary: Sora's used to it. Only, not at all.
AN: I'm 0 for 6 with Riku. And I did the bellyflop off the island thing.

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