June 9th, 2006


Repeat THIS

Internet Woez already:

The signal just barely doesn't reach my room, as I mentioned. so I bought a range extender (this is kind of like a saga in itself, but suffice it to say that in the end i have the Netgear version and paid WAY more than I did for the router, which is RIDICULOUS.).

Today, my brother's computer suddenly said NO to the repeater, after three days of no problems. He was okay anyplace the repeater didn't reach, but couldn't get online in either of our rooms or the room right below me.

I reset and rebooted EVERYTHING, nothing helped. Finally, i was actually sitting downstairs on hold with the help people, and it just started working for no reason.

what is the DEAL?! Does anybody know enough about repeaters to explain this to me? I know it has to do with switching between devices, but the repeater and the router are broadcasting the same network, with the same SSID and everything.

The repeater is the biggest ripoff in the universe, if you wanted to know.
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mouse doom

the internet continued

so i went back to bestbuy and told them they needed to fix it right now, or I was going to throw the mother of all temper tantrums.

So I exchanged the repeater of crap in for a rangemax netgear router, which is apparently the most psychotic one they make, and which still cost $50 than the repeater (I told you it was bad).

so i do all the setup rigamarole AGAIN. for the third time in three days. and then I go up to my room from the living with the AIM turned on.

The first time, it dropped back to 2 bars like before and kicked me off. but NOW it says I have no bars...but i'm connected still. What. the hell.

well it better freaking stay like this, or somebody is getting fixed all right.

ETA: this is totally no better than the other one. *HATES* TEN FEET.
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