June 10th, 2006

mouse doom

the end of the wireless saga

in the end, i simply told my mother that the router (the old one, the 30$ one) was going to move the ten feet into the dining room, big orange ethernet cords and all.


For those of you fellow mac users, it seems to me that my airport card REALLY didn't like the MIMO technology, probably because it continuously switches antennae. The kind with a constant stationary signal work much better. *shrug*

so yes. Netgear MR814v3. entire house. $30.

on the downside, now I can't flirt with the cute boy who keeps putting the pink return stickers on my stuff at the door at Bestbuy :( but he said I set the store record for most receipts stapled together.

In other news, shiva_dawn drew us hella hot Tachiki/Misaki, and why aren't the rest of you going to tell her what a genius she is, hmmmmm? for shame, AftS! fen. Shame.
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