June 22nd, 2006


Totally Useless

Why can't I get anything done? Other than going to Gamestop and buying Chain of Memories. I figure, I'll be done with KH in the next couple days, and then i can take the GBA to the beach with about a zillion batteries and just hammer at it all week.

But i'm still stuck on the Kobayashi/Kazuhiro (GRRRRR) and also i just realized that I haven't worked on the mumblemumblemumble in like two weeks. *sucks*

I did put all my new socks and underwear in the washer, though. Which will hopefully shrink a little because my mom was all "pffft, there's no way you're an 8, get 9s" and consequently i now have underwear that is too big as well as a complex. Thanks.

And i'm hungry. Bah. Somebody get on IM and entertain me.
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