July 6th, 2006


fic, Bijou/Aim for the Sky!, In the Meantime

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, laylah!!!!! I'm a little early, but I had to sneak this in while I was home for a day from the beach.

It's, uh, the traditional jr high school AU of the Bijou. which is to say, a random crossover between the Bijou and Aim for the Sky! and probably will only entertain you and me, but there is porn!~ because you are awesome and of the hot and answer all my stupid KH questions and write me TACHIKI OF THE GODS.

Title: In the Meantime [Onyx/Jasper]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for boysex and improper use of griptape (wait, that was one of my themes...)
Summary: Onyx's stamina needs work and Jasper is basically helping out not at all.
AN: Bijou/Aim for the Sky! crossover (the sheer ridiculousness of that is your real present, I think, laylah), the only thing that might be relevant is that the senpai/kouhai relationships are in terms of the order they joined the Bijou, not ages. Er, I think.

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