July 22nd, 2006


The AU where Sora isn't a twit

mousapelli: *makes best KH cosplay joke EVAR*
laylah: "yeah, that'd be great if Sora remembered any of that."
mousapelli: ".................oh FUCK ME."

I curse you and your stupid achy play for a zillion hours and make me kill a bunch of people i like a whole lot better than myself right now fandom. CURSE, I SAY.

*whines* i could make Roxas do it, but it wouldn't be half as funny.

So since it is useless, Collapse )
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oh and also

Discussion about this today informed me that if you didn't play CoM, you probably missed this tidbit, since I didn't cap it so much:

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Careful with the KH2 spoilers, as usual (I'm a bit past Xaldin, if that helps).
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