July 27th, 2006

kill myself with anime

Remember who you KZZT!

We've had approximately 187283 ridiculously huge and nasty thunderstorms this summer already, which is not so very encouraging since we aren't even in August yet, when the thunderstorms are supposed to actually arrive. Movie theater struck by lightning Tuesday and all that.

So when the billionth storm starts up, i ignore it (even the rats are ignoring it at this point) in favor of trying to finish the Pridelands for the second time before i have to go to class (the thing about it is that i should like the Pridelands because Sora is very cute but much like Atlantica it means funny controls and no drives and bah, it's just okay).

I'm sure you can see where this is going. No sooner do I say "Jesus, that one was pretty close, i should probably save my ga--" KZZZT!

Sigh. So much for not blowing my whole evening being a teensy pouncy lion (and really why is he so teensy? KH1 sora could have been teensy, but KH2 Sora should be a much larger lion IMO, and also Donald's goal in life seems to be to disturb me as often as possible with his completely bizarre and typically tentacled extraneous forms).
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    we're talking quarter-sized hail chunks here