August 3rd, 2006

need a cuddle

Dog Days, I Guess

I'm sure you're all pretty sick of me whining about feeling generically unhappy at this point. I'm going to go to the new Starbucks (yes, it is our only one, yes they just built it, no there is no B&N, and I don't remember PA sucking like this before) and i'm going to rewrite the Axel section for the THIRD time and this time maybe Sora will actually be in it.

Zexion, this story is not about you GO AWAY PLEASE.

But my real point is that, I'm going to Ohio with my parents tomorrow afternoon until Sunday, so I won't be around online all weekend. I'm not dead, i promise! probably.
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Fic, Kingdom Hearts, Inconsistant System

Title: Inconsistent System [Axel/Roxas]
Rating/Warnings:: R, i suppose, for overuse of the words 'swallows'. Spoilers for CoM and up through entry into TWTNW.
Summary: There's no solution.
AN: Thanks to laylah for letting me wibble about this constantly for the last week. Also, you get a Math Crystal if you get the dweeb humor that spawned the title.

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