August 12th, 2006

mouse doom

To Shreds, You Say

New electrical powers story: My powerbook charger caught fire.

I was just sitting here, minding my own business! Playing KH2! I wasn't even HOLDING the powerbook, and i reached over to im jpegasus and said "hunh, that little sunbeam there looks a lot like smoke."

and then suddenly there was a PFFFT and a cute little MUSHROOM CLOUD and when i reached down to yank the thing out of the powerbook, there were HUGE BLUE SPARKS and a voice saying "what are you doing, Dave?".

"Well," i said when the apple support guy said my 90 days were up for phone support but wanted to know what my issue was, "my charger caught fire."

"It..." There was a pause. "It...what? Are you sure?"

"Am i sure that it caught fire?"

"...........let me get a powerbook specialist."

So new charger mailed out Monday, no charge! The powerbook is undamaged, and i dug out the beat non-apple ibook charger i had, which'll do just fine for a few days, but the powerbook charger is all melted and scorched and gnarly.

My brother says i am not allowed to touch anything of his, and rightly so!
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