August 15th, 2006

no! no! no!

I Just Want Some Boys Rapping At Me

The powerbook charger came! The new one is significant cooler than the old one was, along with not being on fire, so maybe there really was a recall on these? I sort of thought that was a rumor.

So, darkeyedwolf has a pimp post up for KAT-TUN (there's one picture of one of them as a Hufflepuff and another as Hagrid, i'm not lying), which led to me dling their two PVS. O.O big headphones mmmmmmm. I feel like six is a few too many, but the second PV seemed to work that better, and that is not the point.

This all led to anonymouse1 telling me that there is Bento Beatbox in the On Demand, which i have! So i go digging through all the categories, which are shit, and finally find the right thing, and the right category, and the right...i don't even KNOW what the shit that last thing was...only to be denied!

*makes spluttery noises* it's not in with the premium stuff or anything! Comcast you whores. Why do you even have shit labeled 'The Cutting Edge!' in which i cannot be on the edge of anything?!

I totally didn't even care that my tv wasn't doing jrock countdowns until i knew that it could be. grrrrrrr.
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