August 16th, 2006

magic and tea

What's Goin On, I'm Movin On

Strange request: Rec me some techno. I'm still digging through all the DDR Kiwi sent me, and now when i turn on the radio in the car, there's stuff i'm kind of into! Pretty much any language is okay with me (dude, it's techno).

you guys are dirty, dirty enablers. i love you all. And we probably shouldn't talk about how much i enjoyed watching KAT-TUN shove Jin into a high-speed batting cage and then cheerfully yell "Abunai, abunai yo~!!" at him.

I was really hoping to write some of this Take the House fic, like, you know, now, but i was distracted by how completely psychotically adorable Sakurada Dori (the new Tenimyu Ryoma) is.

You know what they need to do? they need an english-language j-idol magazine, like Junon or whatever. Like how there's an english version of Newtype? i want idol fanservice news too! Or at least commercials where boys DDR for my amusement...

ETA: I can't stop watching this ad. It's the single most effective DDR ad ever made, IMO. *wants*
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