August 18th, 2006


That's Because You Typed 3 Os

So i was googling myself (shut up, you do it too) and turned up the usual junk, which is typically me being mentioned in shameful coattail hanging tandem with marksykins and Veronica musesfool and then 298384 recs for SYWTTYARB, but then there was this entry:

PPT :: View topic - Price check for H4000 Helmet
"But then again, i think the main reason people invented civilization was to get together and complain about the wild animals eating them." --mousapelli ...

I click the cache link, and it's totally me being quoted in somebody's message board signature. What's funny about this is that i neither know the person (so far as i know) nor was I on that board in 2004 when that message was posted.

It's a great quote though! I wonder when i said it...
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