September 2nd, 2006

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so much fannish love

I am so full of fannish love at this moment:

1) Kamen Rider Kabuto

alkdjfasjdfflkajsdflksHEARTS. I just finished the first TheBee arc, and KAGAMI . When the bike transformed, I though I was actually going to die laughing. Also, tofu is so a metaphor for Kabuto/TheBee love. ourloveissoHENSHIN.

Where is the awesome Tendou/Kagami/Hiyori?! Hal, get on that right now. "I am having a mackeral party!" There needs to be completely mood-breaking 'grandmother once said' comments while lounging around in bed, and Kagami freaking out.

In conclusion, Tendou is the best priest EVAR. omfgchoir.

2) Loveless

October scans are out. Soubi! RITSUKA! *so much toddlerfisting* I wish somebody was scanlating, because it's so much more powerful than trying to look back and forth between scans and translations, but OH, Kouga, you never disappoint.

The translations have been good too, which is wonderful because there is no way I won't own this whole manga. I wish i didn't have a billion other things I needed to write! I wrote good loveless. I should write more. (marks, read it, damn you)

3) koi ga bokura wo yurusu hani and yaoi_daily in general

While the constant stream of one-shots Y_D provides me with is totally appealing, and there's been a handful i liked enough to download (Steady Study, Tone, and Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru in particular) it's the longer Koi ga that I'm head over heels for.

As in anime, single-volume manga doesn't let me fall in love with the characters the way 3+ vol series do. Ch 11 of this one is going up right now, and I have fallen in love with every single character. Even the boys' girlfriends. Even the one girlfriend's other boyfriend. I usually don't go in for the angst, but I've really enjoyed every chapter of this series so far. Fujio/Yamazaki


US Open, never leave me. Roddick! Nadal! Federer! Dmitry is a permant blogger! The commercial where the Bryan twins are asked what they're taking to the open and they say "my brother!" Bless you, bless you, tennis, and your plenteous fuzzy balls which make Roddick strip on court and Nadal have strange encounters with tiny Asian teenagers.

ETA: Agassi/Baghdatis OTP! This is the most amazing match I have ever seen. The Cyprian has just won my heart with his pink umbrella drinks and demands for thigh massages and his hiliarously homeric epithet and OH YEAH the fiercest attempt to pwn tennis in the world.

Marks, we are going to see tennis together, goddammit. Find out when there is doubles play. We can make headbands!
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