September 24th, 2006

hopelessly deadlocked

Mouse MIA

Did i really go an entire week without updating? o.O

The brother came home for the weekend, and now I own Season 1 of The Tick and also the FMA movie (came bundled with vol 1 for $20!).

I'm sick, which is crap, but at least i could lie around all weekend and watch Kamen Rider Kabuto, and now new tenipuri OVAs! YAY!

And i'm stuck on Level 30 of Weffriddles. thanks a lot for that, sociofemme. (my mother solved the phone one).

Ooh! also, the book that laylah's published in, Connections, came in the mail yesterday! It's gorgeous! It's so exciting to hold a hard copy of something one of my friends has written. EEEE! Not to mention, boylove in print. I'm so proud of you, American market! Ganbatte!
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