October 4th, 2006

well its long, Take the House

I can't tell Matt Damon and Brad Pitt Apart

Apparently we're about to have a completely ridiculous thunderstorm, and my mother is making noises about being forced to move down into the basement.

Perhaps I will actually write something then. pfft.

There's really been some decent TV starting up this season. I've been watching Jericho and really enjoying it, and also Marks talked me into watching Heros this week (YATTA).

AND. I have the Tenipuri live-action movie. *PETS* I'm hoping to get to that tonight, cause I'll be busy all tomorrow, but it may have to wait a few days. nnnngh.

(no, the subject line has nothing to do with anything, yes, it's true. Ocean's 11 was sort of a struggle the first time i saw it)
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