November 11th, 2006


Intense Vicarious Living

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I went along with my father to the NaNo write-in today, experienced pangs of violent envy, and wrote another thousand words or so of Santa_Smex (it keeps looking more and more like a Fuji face every time I write it). There might even be smex in it at this rate. Also, the following quote occured:

"Let me put it this way. The object of his affections need not be animate."

I think you all need to write me comment fic using that quote.
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Music Pimp

My brother discovered this awesome band, Echoes Fade. They don't even have an album yet, but here's the couple songs I have:

Echoes Fade Singles


So this is the way it's gonna be
You pummel me with rhetoric but I will not let my anger show again

Never Again
I heard this love would be the last one
what you meant is that you knew you lied
What a fool am I

I still can't shake that this is right
When all this is over I don't want to be a faint
Memory of what could have been

I Will Give (Live)
So here I lay, feeling small
I wonder if you'll call
or if you are just waiting too

Rhetoric is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time *has on loop*
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mouse doom

Browser Language Question

Well, you guys know everything, so I will ask you.

OS X has about a billion Asian fonts, but certain programs, in particular Firefox and Photoshop, refuse to acknowledge their ability to use those fonts.

Is there some way to fix that? Mostly what's irritating is

A) when people link me Asian fanart sites, they look like complete shit, with the text showing up as gobblety gook

and B) I can't copy and paste anything that isn't in the Roman alphabet into Photoshop, no matter if i can see it in firefox or Word or whatever else.

Is this just one of those firefox things that I can't fix? like the ♥ ?

ETA: LAYLAH IS A GENIUS. I can see the hearts! ♥ ♥ ♥ and also Tabris is too!
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fic, Off*Beat, Cat and Mouse

i'll stop spamming you, i swear, but this is good spam.

Title: Cat and Mouse [Tory/Colin]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for mild cursing and threats of pie theft.
Summary: Tory hasn't quite figured out what Colin has his fur all ruffled up over. Or girls, either.
AN: I've finally got volume 2! but this isn't spoilery so far as I can tell. YOU SHOULD ALL BE READING OFF*BEAT.

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