November 13th, 2006



Job is poo.

I am poo.

storyteller, do you have a tiny adorable poo graphic I could use? ETA: Thanks!

I go now to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! until it kills me with terrible subs.

Leave me Aim for the Sky! commentfic? I know its weird to ask for something so specific, but I need the fannish love.
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surrounded by idiots

some random Yu-Gi-Oh! thoughts

a few random tidbits about Japanese vs English Yu-Gi-Oh! I know I posted some thoughts months and months ago when i was watching these before, but I can't dig up the post now. It's really irritating when that happens. Nevermind, found it.

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In conclusion: Kaiba and Mokuba=siblings make everything better, and Honda and Jounouchi=so doing it.
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