November 18th, 2006


Cookie Wisdom

Still have written no Santa_Smex today. uuuuurgh.

But i had chinese for dinner (that is what we eat when we are sick around here) and my fortune cookie said that a gathering of friends would bring me luck this evening.

So what are you waiting for! Gather! Bring me luck!

*looks around*

Well, i suppose a party in my comments would be okay.
stealing yr duelz

i'm in yr millenium puzzle

this is a shameless excuse to use my new icon.

but also, i really want to write fic where Yami, slightly crazed from several millennia of involuntary celibacy, steals the body forcibly during gym class for the purpose of wrestling with Ootogi (Duke) and in which the following lines occur:

Finally, Yugi managed to snatch back control of his body and stomped over to hide behind the snickering Jounouchi and Honda, face flaming.

Yami, who was looking over his shoulder at a rather confused Ootogi, still sprawled on the wrestling mat, commented, "Man, did you feel his thighs? He must be hung like Barbarian #2!"

"I'm flushing the Puzzle down the toilet," Yugi growled. "In the girls' bathroom."
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